Failover, backup, emergency, secondary, and redundant internet–what is the difference?

Failover, backup, emergency, secondary, and redundant internet are all similar and related terms that refer to an alternate network that serves as a safety net in the event your primary connection goes down. Your primary network can go down for a variety of reasons, including human error, malicious interference, technology or equipment failure, power outages, or natural disasters. 

Despite a few semantic differences, failover, backup, emergency, secondary, and redundant internet all work essentially the same way, creating the network redundancy your business needs to operate with confidence.

No matter what term you use, failover, backup, emergency, and/or redundant internet is a business essential no matter where you work. 

Airosurf is one of Oklahoma’s leading providers of fixed wireless internet, one of the most reliable and affordable options for secondary networks.

Our microwave technology is ideal for all of your system planning needs, whatever you name them, including:

  • Backup internet
  • Network redundancy
  • Internet failover solutions
  • Emergency internet

Contact us today to learn how we can support your business with comprehensive connectivity solutions.  

What is meant by network redundancy and why is it important? 

Network redundancy refers to an internet communications infrastructure that provides multiple ways of keeping the network connected if the primary pathway fails. It is essentially an internet backup option–or series of backup options–that provides continuous internet connection. Internet networks can be disrupted or disconnected for a variety of reasons, including power outages, human error, weather, hardware failure, or natural disasters, but network redundancy allows you to move from a disrupted network to a fully functioning one instantly, automatically, and seamlessly without losing money, downtime, or data security. 

Network redundancy can apply to multiple hardware or software interconnections or other duplicated components, such as redundant firewalls, or it can be used to describe the backup power sources, alternative network paths, and data storage solutions within a network configuration.

How does microwave technology provide fixed wireless internet?

Microwave technology is the basis for fixed wireless internet, a form of internet that sends high-frequency radio waves directly between two fixed points that are within line-of-sight. This allows signals and data to be transmitted over long distances quickly, reliably, and securely without the need for wires, cables, or satellites. Microwave technology also facilitates high-performance bandwidth speeds and low latency signals that are not as susceptible to inclement weather, providing users with high-quality internet connectivity even when others are experiencing network outages. 

Other benefits of microwave technology for wireless internet include:

  • Quick, easy installation
  • Secure and reliable connections
  • Scalable bandwidth
  • Cost efficiency

Microwave technology is not the same as satellite, cable, fiber, or mobile internet and does not require the same level of infrastructure.

Why does my business need backup internet?

Most internet service providers admit that there is a chance they will experience some type of service outage at some point, and it is estimated that an outage will cost a business roughly $5,600 for every minute of service disruption. 

Secure, reliable backup internet minimizes not only the inconveniences associated with losing internet connection, but it also prevents the potential financial and security risks associated with an unconnected–and now compromised–network. In addition, backup internet provides your business with the necessary bandwidth to support the increased use of cloud storage, complex communication services like video conferencing, and data-heavy applications. 

With high signal quality, direct point-to-point distribution, easy installation, and reliable service even in rural areas, fixed wireless internet is the perfect solution for your secondary and backup internet needs. Find out how fixed wireless internet from Airosurf can become part of your business’s comprehensive connectivity plan today.

Do I need backup or failover internet for my home internet?

In an age where internet connectivity is all but essential, a backup or internet failover plan is never a bad idea, even for your home internet. Whether you want to secure your home office, protect your personal data, or ensure your family has enough bandwidth to stream videos, play games, surf the net, and respond to emails, backup internet at home guarantees you can stay connected even if your primary network is disrupted. 

Airosurf’s fixed wireless internet provides a safe, secure, and reliable internet failover solution for your home connectivity, and with multiple plans to choose from, we make backing up your residential internet affordable, convenient, and hassle-free.

What should I look for in a good backup, failover, or emergency internet solution?

The goal of backup or emergency internet–or any internet failover solution–is to create a safety net of network redundancy that keeps you connected all the time.

For true redundancy, simply having a second internet connection is not necessarily enough to protect you from an internet emergency; you also need greater diversity in the types of connection you have. If you have two lines from the same provider, or two internet providers who deliver service the same way, all it takes is one disruption to void your well-intended backup plan. For example, if both your primary network and your backup are delivered via a cable that gets cut due to construction, your connectivity gets cut, too. If you have two different types of internet, but they’re both from the same provider, and that provider has a problem, now so do you.

Your backup internet or failover solution should also have as much–if not more–reliability and dependability as your primary provider. Fixed wireless internet–like that from Airosurf–is ideal as a secondary internet solution because it provides exceptional signal quality, strength, and consistency over long distances without the need for cables, fibers, or satellite and without the vulnerability to weather, even in rural areas. That means Airosurf can keep you connected in places and situations where other providers can’t.

What can happen if my primary internet connection fails?

No matter whether you’re at home or in the office, chances are you’ve experienced the frustration of an internet outage, and there’s nothing like a connection failure to make you realize just how dependent we all are on reliable, continuous internet service. Not being able to connect with clients, co-workers, or even internet providers (to fix the problem!) can be maddening, driving your to-do list to a screeching halt. On top of that, internet service interruptions can be costly in more ways than one–not only will you lose productivity and profits, but you could also lose sensitive data and information that is now unprotected and at risk of being stolen.

However, most of these problems can be largely avoided with a backup or secondary internet network. Internet failover solutions like backup internet provide seamless, secure internet connectivity even if something goes wrong with the primary network or server. And, setting up a secondary network is easy and convenient with Airosurf’s fixed wireless internet as your backup solution. Stop worrying about getting disconnected and contact us today to get your secondary internet network up and running. 

What are my options for backup or failover internet?

You have multiple options when it comes to backup internet and internet failover solutions, and the best plans include a diverse mix of technology and providers, such as:

  • Broadband DSL
  • Satellite
  • Fiber
  • Cable
  • Wireless
  • 4G LTE

Your best backup internet plan takes into account your budget and bandwidth needs, as well as your location and signal limitations; a secondary network doesn’t do you any good if it’s too expensive to maintain, doesn’t provide enough bandwidth, or doesn’t work in your area. 

Airosurf’s fixed wireless internet is an ideal solution for your backup internet. Our high-frequency microwave technology delivers fast speed and strong signals, even in rural areas or distributed networks, and serves as an excellent complement to other communication technologies. What’s more, it’s fast, easy, and affordable to install and maintain, offering expanded bandwidth capabilities with high or no data caps for both business and residential customers. Contact Airosurf today for more on how to get the most out of your internet failover solution with fixed wireless internet.