Internet Redundancy for Business

In today’s connected business world, you need more than a good backup plan: you need a backup to the backup, especially when it comes to your internet connection. Outages, interruptions, and network failures can be catastrophic, losing sales, customers, productivity, and data security with every minute you’re down. And, for the majority of businesses, it’s often a matter of when—not if—they experience the emergency of a major outage or disruption, regardless of their size.

Redundancy provides the safety net your network needs to function seamlessly. “Redundancy” refers to a duplicated or secondary network infrastructure that provides an alternate internet connection in the event your primary services go down, allowing you to maintain your communication and connectivity even in the event of an internet emergency. This backup network ensures that you still have access to things like file storage, telephone services, CRM, and payment systems.

Redundancy is best achieved by diversifying your number and types of internet service providers, or ISPs. You can reduce the impact of service disruptions or failures in your primary network by varying the who and how of your internet services, where a problem for one doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a problem for the other. For example, if your primary carrier uses fiber and there is a local outage, you can switch to your secondary provider, who uses another type of internet that is route independent and is unaffected by the disruption in the fiber network.

As one of Oklahoma’s leading providers of fixed wireless internet, Airosurf is perfectly positioned to deliver the fast, reliable, and trusted internet services you need to operate your business with confidence. bypassing other wired internet infrastructures and transmitting uninterrupted signals directly from point to point, fixed wireless internet is an ideal option for backup or secondary internet services.

Backup and Emergency Internet Services

Every year, internet outages cost thousands of businesses millions of hours and billions of dollars, and what’s lost is more than just patience. Internet downtime or disruptions can cause lapses in security systems and data loss or compromise. Employee productivity slows, customer service is at a standstill, and revenue is all but halted. In short, when your internet goes down, you lose your ability to compete.

Businesses can lose internet connectivity for a variety of reasons, the majority of which they have no control over. While some outages are the result of human error—such as misuse, damage to equipment, or inappropriate deployment of network hardware or components—the majority are caused by factors like ISP issues, technology or device failure, and weather events, though a growing number of outages are being attributed to cyber-attacks.

So what’s a business to do?

Backup or secondary internet services provide an extra layer of security to businesses, large or small, that are heavily dependent on the internet to operate effectively. 

When your primary network goes down, backup emergency internet services ensure you and your employees can continue using crucial functions like:

  • Email & messaging
  • Cloud productivity platforms
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Video conferencing
  • Task management apps
  • Data access, backup, & recovery
  •  File storage
  • Payment processing

However, backup or secondary internet services are only as good as their reliability. After all, what does a backup network do for your business if you can’t rely on it to function properly when you need it?

Fixed Wireless Internet for Your Emergency Backup

Fixed wireless technology isn’t new, but it is unique among other types of internet. 

Internet Signal Quality

Unlike cable, DSL, and fiber—all of which require heavy infrastructure—and satellite—which has to transmit signals from thousands of miles away and through the Earth’s atmosphere—fixed wireless internet delivers broadband signals over the airwaves directly from point to point for a strong, simple, and streamlined connection. Because access points and receivers are communicating directly within line of sight, signals are less likely to be affected by weather, construction, or other environmental interferences, and they can be delivered more quickly, for fast, symmetrical connections (where upload speeds are just as fast as download speeds).

Direct Distribution

Also contributing to its unparalleled signal strength and speed is fixed wireless internet’s ability to transmit via high-frequency microwaves to singular reception points. This is in contrast to other services that broadcast across wide coverage areas and are all competing for space on the same signal spectrum, resulting in reduced speed and performance.

Efficient, Effective, and Affordable

Fixed wireless internet can provide immediate backup services that are just as fast, reliable, and secure as your primary service. A fixed wireless connection is easier and more affordable to install than other backup options—requiring only a small antenna and a router, no fiber, cables, or satellites—and costs less to maintain, making it less of a burden on your budget. And, with fixed wireless’s greater bandwidth, data caps, and speed, you don’t have to worry about overloading your backup system or losing functionality when you switch over.

Accessibility and Availability

An added advantage to fixed wireless internet is its accessibility. Because it transmits signals via line of sight, instead of through an extensive infrastructure of fibers and cables, fixed wireless internet can be deployed nearly anywhere, even in areas where service from other providers has been spotty, unreliable, or even unavailable. Fixed wireless internet is also a great backup option for businesses that maintain digital signage, distributed points of sale, kiosks, or employee internet on a separate network.

Backup, Secondary, and Emergency Internet Services in Oklahoma

Backup internet services are more than just a nice-to-have; they’re essential to your business’s sustainability and future growth. No matter how big or small your business is—whether it’s an office, a team of remote workers, or a restaurant—and no matter where it is, you simply can’t afford not to have a dependable secondary source for your internet connectivity.

Fixed wireless internet can be a powerful tool in your business’s comprehensive connectivity plan, and Airosurf has the experience and expertise to help you optimize it. Contact us today to find out if fixed wireless internet is the right redundancy option for your business.