Commercial Broadband Service

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North Oklahoma City was seeking a provider to install an internet
backbone service for their employee WiFi network –  one that would
achieve a full, physical separation from their existing corporate
point-of-sale network.

Airosurf was called upon to provide that solution.
  • Flexible, no-contract service options expedited the process.
  • Installation was completed within 3 working days after receipt of
    the service order
  • Installation involved navigating three floors of corporate retail space
    to deliver service from the building roof to the network hardware
  • Internet connectivity was delivered via two low-latency wireless
    hops from the client location to a fiber head-end in downtown OKC
One of the particular challenges for this location was the layout
of the facility. In order to provide service to their main network rack, located adjacent to an underground wall, we had to first install an elevated non-penetrating mount on the roof for our receiving antenna. We then ran a network cable through three floors of existing commercial retail space with minimal disruption to the retail space. Ultimately, we were able to complete this installation over the course of two days.
Commercial spaces
have the potential to pose interesting logistical challenges. Our ability to be flexible and agile in our operations lends itself well
to crafting custom solutions that meet customer goals in a
timely fashion.
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