No-Term Commercial Service

For Businesses Needing No-Term Commercial Service, Our...

flexible service options are a perfect solution. A number of local commercial construction companies have found us as a reliable resource to provide primary service to their job site for the length
of their project.
  • Service is installed quickly without the logistical hassle of wired service.
    • 2-3 hour installation at small scale sites once service is confirmed.
  • Hassle-free internet without the monthly data restrictions of cellular hotspots.
    • Unlimited data keeps speeds consistent through the month at one fixed cost.
  • Responsive and knowledgeable support results in better troubleshooting and faster fixes.
    • Locally owned and operated – quicker turnaround to address service issues.
  • No-term service eliminates potential penalties from term-based contracts
    • Start service when you need it,  end when you don’t – Simple and effective
Contract Free

Our standard commercial plans are available contract-free.  Month-to-month service frees up businesses to spend more time doing and less time worrying about contracts, terms, or timed specials running out.  Backed by our experienced, adaptable, and highly knowledgeable team, our no-term service allows us to serve customers in a wider variety of capacities and environments. From short-term and seasonal operations to dedicated, long-term sites, we have fast and flexible internet solutions that central Oklahoma’s businesses need.

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