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coordinating a one-day event to be hosted at a notable event facility along the Oklahoma River on the edge of downtown OKC. This event needed a high level of symmetrical bandwidth and a number of public IP addresses on a dedicated subnet. They found what they needed with Airosurf.

  • Service order: 150 Mbps symmetrical internet circuit for one day event.
  • Provided five public IP addresses.
  • Utilized wired and wireless technologies to deliver the desired connectivity:
    • Installed a 1.2 mile point to point microwave wireless link to a location adjacent to the event facility from Airosurf’s location.
    • Existing fiber infrastructure used to bridge connectivity from the wireless link to the event facility.
  • Confirmed serviceability within one week of service request.
  • Implemented a custom installation solution to fit infrastructure and network needs.
  • Installation was completed on time and within the customer’s desired budget.

We know the service we provide can be adaptable to any number of needs and situations. This particular project showcases our flexibility to adapt to short-term service needs. We were contacted in September of 2017 about an event taking place later in the year at a landmark event facility just outside of downtown Oklahoma City. The need was a significant amount of symmetrical bandwidth along with a specific network configuration. And, it was only needed for one day. This was an uncommon request for us at the time. However, we operate as an internet solutions provider, so we were motivated by the challenge and began to craft a solution.

The hardest constraint we come up against in the wireless business comes down to three words –  line of sight. It hardly matters how much bandwidth we can push from any given setup if there’s a building, hill, or annoyingly tall set of trees between our Access Point and the customer. One of our primary wireless distribution sites is on top of a downtown OKC skyscraper. This usually gives us a great staging area for dispersing bandwidth out to locations around the metro and beyond. However, the location in question was blocked by another building adjacent to our distribution point.  Fortunately, there was another facility just a couple hundred feet away from the event center that had a direct line of sight to our location. Even more fortunately, the two nearby facilities were already interconnected via fiber optic cable. We worked with the organization’s IT director to blend these elements into a solution that brought a 340+ Mbps internet circuit to the event center.

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