Currently subscribed to a competing fixed wireless internet provider?

If so, you may be eligible for our $0 install cost switch! If we can use the existing cabling and mounting solution – and – you sign up for a qualifying service plan you’ll get our residential install ($149.95 value) for free!

Note that we currently have two tiers of plans, the higher of which is only available in select areas. See the plan info and coverage maps below.

Standard Plans

Basic Residential


4 Mbps Down
1.5 Mbps Up

Video Watcher


6 Mbps Down
2.5 Mbps Up

Family Streaming


8 Mbps Down
3 Mbps Up

Standard Plans Coverage Map

Plus Plans*

Basic Residential+


6 Mbps Down
2 Mbps Up

Video Watcher+


10 Mbps Down
3 Mbps Up

Family Streaming+


15 Mbps Down
4 Mbps Up

Plus Plans Coverage Map

To qualify for the $0 install cost switch, Airosurf install technicians must be able to utilize the existing cabling and mounting solution. The selected service plan must also be Video Watcher, Video Watcher+, Family Streaming, or Family Streaming+.

Note that satellite services like HughesNet use a different technology so we can’t use their mount and cabling. However, that doesn’t mean you’re out – sign up for the Family Streaming or Family Streaming+ plan and get the same discount!

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