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Now more than ever, Oklahomans need and deserve reliable, high-speed internet no matter where they live. Airosurf is committed to doing just that by delivering fixed microwave-based wireless internet technology to both urban and rural communities across Central Oklahoma. With fixed wireless internet, Airosurf brings high-speed broadband connectivity to more people in more places, linking even rural internet customers directly to a local network signal—no cables or phone service required.

Airosurf Internet Service Features

Get Faster with Fixed Wireless Internet

Airosurf is one of the first internet providers in Oklahoma to offer fixed wireless internet, a technology that transmits wireless signals from point to point via a network of transmitters and receivers. Whether you need affordable internet connectivity for commercial or residential, for work, business redundancy, home, play, or school, fixed wireless internet gives you everything you need and more including:

  • Fast download capabilities, including streaming, even with multiple devices connected at the same time
  • No data limits
  • Fast, strong, and reliable connections
  • Fewer service or signal disruptions due to weather
  • Lower energy requirements

Experience High-Speed Internet Like Never Before

While it isn’t new technology, fixed wireless internet is growing rapidly in popularity as an affordable option for broadband connectivity even in rural areas, proving itself a viable alternative to other internet service options like DSL, satellite, or fiber. At Airosurf, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading fixed wireless internet service providers in Oklahoma, serving customers throughout central Oklahoma living in big cities, small towns, and wide-open spaces. With fixed wireless internet, even rural customers can reap the benefits of reliable high-speed internet, like:

  • Uninterrupted and unlimited streaming
  • Online gaming capabilities with no lag time and fast downloads
  • High data allowances

Fixed wireless internet gives both urban and rural internet customers the best of all worlds—fast, efficient, and reliable internet connectivity with low energy consumption, unlimited data options, and virtually no service disruptions. Here’s how it works:

  • An experienced Airosurf technician will visit your home or business, conduct an initial assessment to determine what service options will fit you best, and identify the ideal location for a wireless antenna. This antenna is how your home or business will “communicate” with the network and receive internet connectivity.
  • A wireless antenna is installed and adjusted to direct a strong signal to our network of towers. Your internet connection will be transmitted using airwaves, and without a need for cables, infrastructure, satellites, or even existing phone lines, fixed wireless internet installation is fast, easy, and affordable.
  • Our Airosurf support team will help you set up your indoor router and connect to the internet. Then we stay on standby with exceptional customer service and troubleshooting support to keep you connected 24/7.

Discover the Difference

Airosurf is revolutionizing how rural and urban Oklahomans access the internet. Fixed wireless internet delivers the industry’s best in dependable, consistent, and cost-effective internet connectivity, foregoing the phone lines required for DSL, the devices needed for mobile broadband, and the cumbersome hardware and network infrastructure demands of satellite or even fiber. The time for affordable and accessible high-speed broadband internet is now, and Airosurf is committed to helping Oklahoma’s home and business owners take advantage of a new age in wireless internet.

Word About Our Internet Service Spreads Fast!

Real Feedback From Airosurf Customers:

“You all are (truly, seriously!) THE best! And believe me when I tell you that I literally recommend you all to EVERYONE that is looking.”

Melissa in Arcadia

“You guys have been AWESOME! Next to zero problems, always been helpful; especially in these trying times.”

Tyler in Piedmont

“Thank you for the installation of my new service. The technicians did a great job and were very professional.”

Mark in Harrah

“5 Stars! Airosurf is the best internet service provider.”

Reba in Luther