Business Internet Service Plans in Central Oklahoma

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Why choose Airosurf for your business internet needs?

Your company needs connectivity, but not just any internet will do—you need broadband that works at the speed of business. At Airosurf, we believe every business deserves fast, reliable connectivity and exceptional customer service, no matter how big or small you are. We’re a business, too, so we know how important honest, transparent practices are and how much value is in a local, friendly, and highly knowledgeable support team. When you choose Airosurf for your business internet needs, you can be confident you’ll have a partner who is committed to delivering the rapid support response and flexible, customized solutions you deserve.

Fast. Friendly. Local.

Experience rapid support response times from a local, friendly, and highly knowledgeable staff.

Solutions Over Sales

Achieve the short and long-term goals of your business through Airosurf's operational agility, flexibility and custom crafted solutions.

Honesty and Transparency

Work with a business that makes honest and transparent business practices the rule.

Business Internet with Backup Capabilities

When it comes to commercial internet, Airosurf does things differently with high-speed, low latency fixed wireless technology. Fixed wireless internet is one of the fastest-growing sectors in wireless internet and communications, featuring direct point-to-point connectivity that helps your business stay competitive and avoid costly downtime due to:

  • High usage and slow speeds
  • Limited availability and accessibility
  • Service interruptions
  • Disruptions or outages due to weather 
  • Limits on data usage

Thanks to fast, easy system installation and direct wireless communication, fixed wireless internet provides the backup solutions your business needs to operate with confidence. 

Fixed wireless internet functions on a network separate from your cable or satellite internet, so an outage on your wired service is unlikely to affect it. And, because it transmits point-to-point signals via airwaves, fixed wireless internet isn’t impacted as frequently or severely by weather disruptions, damaged infrastructure—like cut cables—or other system outages. 

Interruptions in wire-based connectivity can send some of your most critical systems offline—something you can’t afford. The consistency and reliability of fixed wireless internet from Airosurf, however, delivers internet redundancy capabilities that can not only keep you up and running in the event of a traditional network service interruption but also help you avoid the lost profit and productivity associated with unexpected downtime.

Reliable Business Internet Access with Infinitely More Reach

Without the need for satellites, fiber, or cables, Airosurf’s fixed wireless internet can reach more businesses in more places, no matter how rural or remote you may be, and with two customizable plan options, you can choose the service that’s right for you. Our commercial broadband plans feature speeds up to 1Gbps* at a price that fits your budget, while our Enterprise & Direct Internet Access plans boast lower build-out costs than fiber and redundancy options to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Prefer to work month-to-month? Our contract-free** commercial internet service plans make sure you stay free to maneuver.
The world of work is changing, and your company needs to keep up. From no-term, symmetrical, and asymmetrical service options to local service and support, Airosurf’s business internet service plans help get your business where it needs to be so you can keep growing toward your goals.

*Where supported

**Standard commercial plans are available contract-free

Commercial Internet Plans and Services

Commercial Broadband

“No Pricing?”  We believe in providing a useful quote based on your business needs, not fitting you into a preset tier.
  • Custom broadband plans available upon consultation.
  • Speeds up to 1 Gbps available where supported.
  • Local service and support presence.
  • No-Term service options are available.

Enterprise & Direct Internet Access

Airosurf leverages the best in low-latency wireless technology to keep up with bandwidth needs.

  • Symmetrical and Asymmetrical service options up to 1Gbps and beyond.
  • Lower build-out costs than fiber.
  • Redundancy options are available to minimize downtime, and maximize productivity.

Contact us to learn more about availability and pricing for our Commercial Internet Services!


We have the right business internet plan for you.

Learn more about the different ways our internet service options can fit your business needs


Learn more about the different ways our service options can fit your business needs

Commercial Broadband Service


Airosurf successfully provided an internet backbone service for a national department store chain. Read about our flexible service.

No-Term Commercial Service


Airosurf has been able to provide internet service for local commercial construction companies for however long the job takes.

Special Event Connectivity


Airosurf provided internet, and several IP addresses for a local one day event hosted by a world leading tech company.

Rural Business Internet


Airosurf believes everyone deserves great service. Bringing service to rural communities has been our goal since the beginning.

The map below shows our potential commercial service footprint.  If your business is within this area there may be a chance we can provide some level of commercial service!  Select the box in the top right corner or click here to expand this map and search for your address.

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Our Process

When you contact us, the path to business class internet is a simple process:

1. From our office, we perform a serviceability analysis using online mapping tools.

2. If the analysis looks favorable, we schedule an on-site visit to confirm serviceability and determine installation requirements.

3. Once serviceability is confirmed, we’ll provide a quote for service plan and installation pricing.

4. If the estimate is approved then installation of the service is scheduled!