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Find the right home internet plan for your needs.

Elite 10

10 Mbps Down

2 Mbps Up

Reliable and affordable service for the basics.


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Elite 25

25 Mbps Down

4 Mbps Up

Our most popular plan! Speeds fit for the majority of households.


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Elite 50

50 Mbps Down

8 Mbps Up

For when you needs things done fast!


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Elite Home Office

60 Mbps Down

15 Mbps Up

Great for working from home. Free Wi-Fi router included!


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But wait…there’s more!

Our fastest service plans ever have arrived!

Experience unmatched wireless internet service with Airosurf Ultra plans.

Ultra Plans currently limited to select areas – but we’re constantly expanding!

Ultra 50*

50 Mbps Down

10 Mbps Up

Incredible service at a value that can’t be beat!


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*Limited availability. See coverage map below for details.

Ultra 100*

100 Mbps Down

20 Mbps Up

Where performance and price meet!


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*Limited availability. See coverage map below for details.

Ultra 150*

150 Mbps Down

30 Mbps Up

Great for power users and working/schooling from home.


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*Limited availability. See coverage map below for details.

Ultra 300*

300 Mbps Down

40 Mbps Up

Enjoy blazing fast speeds with our most impressive plan yet!


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*Limited availability. See coverage map below for details.

Ultra and Elite Plans not available in all Airosurf service areas.

Click the icon below for other plans that may be available in your area.

Premium 6 Premium 10 Premium 15 Premium Home Office
6 Mbps Download 10 Mbps Download 15 Mbps Download 25 Mbps Download
 2 Mbps Upload 3 Mbps Upload 4 Mbps Upload 6 Mbps Upload
$49.95 $69.95 $99.95 $149.95
Basic Residential Video Watcher Family Streaming Home Office
4 Mbps Download 6 Mbps Download 8 Mbps Download 20 Mbps Download
 1.5 Mbps Upload 2.5 Mbps Upload 3 Mbps Upload 5 Mbps Upload
$49.95 $69.95 $99.95 $139.95

High Speed Internet Service Plans that are Right for You—Even in Rural Oklahoma

Work or play, home or school, Airosurf has a wireless internet plan to fit both your family and your budget, with plans starting for less than $50 a month. Airosurf’s fixed wireless internet technology allows everyone in your house to enjoy fast wifi speeds whether they’re streaming, gaming, or simply checking email—even if it’s all happening at the same time.

At Airosurf, our goal is to be the best internet provider you’ve ever had. We’re committed to providing Oklahoma communities with reliable service and remarkable customer support.

Have questions or ready to start service? Our New Service Team can help!

Call or Text: 405-340-9663

Airosurf uses cutting edge fixed wireless microwave technology to deliver high speed internet service to urban and rural communities.

During your installation, we will mount a small antenna to a high point on your home and run a cable to your desired location. From there, it will tie into a router to provide Wi-Fi access for your devices.

Our standard internet service install fee is $149.95 and is due upon installation.

Discounts are available if there is an existing mount or cable we can use.

At the beginning of every install, we test to ensure good service quality. If for some reason we are unable to obtain an adequate signal, we will cancel the install at no cost to you.

A Wi-Fi Router will be needed if you want Wi-Fi access in your home. You can provide your own, or use one of our Managed Wi-Fi Routers.

Airosurf Managed Wi-Fi Routers gives our support staff more insight into your home network. If you prefer a hands-off approach, we’ve got the right solution for you! Plus, if it ever breaks, we will replace it for free.

Nope! Airosurf internet service does not use cable modems.

We are proud to offer truly unlimited internet service with no added fees or slow downs!

Our residential internet service is month-to-month with no contracts.
There is no added fee for cancelling.

See more billing info on our billing FAQ.