About Us

Airosurf was founded in 2002 by Wallace and Kathryn Walcher.

When Wallace realized the need for high-speed internet service in a local Edmond neighborhood, he took matters into his own hands and built a wireless network from the ground up.

Since then, Airosurf has provided internet service to thousands of homes and businesses across central Oklahoma.

At Airosurf, our mission is to improve Oklahoma communities by accelerating their connection to the world.

We accomplish this with innovative and reliable communications solutions.

Our operations and culture are committed to 5 Core Values:

1. Ownership

Think and act as if the business was your own.

2. Good Neighbor

Care for your customers, community and coworkers.

3. Find the Better Way

Innovate, strive for improvement and solutions.

4. Positive Attitude

“A positive mindset brings positive things.”

5. Hungry to Learn

Seek self-improvement, curiosity, and promotion.