Back-Up Internet Service

Enjoy peace of mind while you work

In today’s online world, a back-up internet connection is a must.

Outages are inevitable.

Internet outages, interruptions, and network failures can be catastrophic. Every minute of downtime causes lost sales, frustrated employees, confused customers and a loss of productivity. For the majority of businesses, it’s often a matter of when—not if—they experience the emergency of a major outage or disruption, regardless of their size.

Some of the reasons for internet outages are ISP network issues, improper deployment of network hardware, weather events, power outages, cyber-attacks, and device failure.

What’s a business to do?

Backup or secondary internet services provide an extra layer of security to businesses, large or small, that are heavily dependent on the internet to operate effectively.

Airosurf’s Back-Up Internet Service could be exactly what your business needs to stay online virtually 100% of the time. With our back-up service, you will experience seamless transitions to your Airosurf connection when your primary connection goes out. Optionally, you can even receive notifications when the switchover happens.

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