Wireless Networking

Solving problems with Wireless.

Multiple Buildings, One Internet Subscription

Need internet at more than one building, but don’t want to have to pay for multiple internet lines? Installing a wireless interconnect is a simple, effective solution that saves you money by funneling all of your locations through one internet subscription.

A wireless interconnect is an excellent way to get quality internet service in hard-to-reach places. By piggybacking off your existing ISP connection, you can extend service to other buildings, near or far. Modern wireless technology can provide gigabit speeds from several miles away.

A simple solution to a common problem

Two antennas is all you need to get internet service to your barn, guest house, office, shed, warehouse, etc.

Wireless is powerful and flexible, and Airosurf utilizes the latest cutting-edge fixed wireless tech to create a custom solution to meet your needs. (Airosurf High-Speed Internet not required)

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