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What to know for your Re-Install

We ask that a service account owner be present at the beginning of the install, and that someone 18 or older be present through the entire duration.

Standard Re-Installs are free, meaning the only charge due at the time of the install is the first month of service. We do not bill in arrears, therefore payment is due at the time of your install. We accept credit card and ACH/bank account payment methods only.

We will begin the install by checking the existing equipment and ensuring the connection quality is good. We may need to access the roof and/or attic, depending on where the equipment is located. If you are unsure where it is located, we probably can tell you based on our previous call notes.

A Wi-Fi Router will be needed if you want Wi-Fi access in your home. You can provide your own, or use one of ours. Talk to our customer support team to see what your options are for free or discounted Airosurf Managed Routers.

All equipment installed by Airosurf is owned and managed by Airosurf, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Other frequently asked questions:

Airosurf uses cutting edge fixed wireless microwave technology to deliver high speed internet service to urban and rural communities.

During your installation, we will mount a small antenna to a high point on your home and run a cable to your desired location. From there, it will tie into a router to provide Wi-Fi access for your devices.

Standard Re-Installs are completely free. Only the first month of service will be due in advance.

If you would like to relocate the equipment, we will charge our standard $99 install fee.

Nope! Airosurf internet service does not use cable modems.

Our 60-day money back guarantee Terms and Conditions can be found here.

We are proud to offer truly unlimited internet service with no added fees or slow downs!

Our residential internet service is month-to-month with no contracts.
There is no added fee for cancelling.

See more billing info on our billing FAQ.

Not only do we have a referral program, but we are actually running a special promo!

If a new residential customer mentions you by name, you get a $100 check (normally $50; promo ends on 8/15/24). Thank you for spreading the word!